Thursday, September 25, 2008


Just a few pictures we wanted to share! Our page viewing stats are going down so..gotta get on the bandwagon here!

Here are some of my new-to-me things, a spongebob table set and a toy kitchen:

Here are Shannon and Amalie being wwaaaaay too silly!!

"Shannon Marie Harry Potter":

"Amalie Rose Katherina Potter" :

"Harry Timothy Blucher Potter:

Here I am reading on my "new" table:

Ever the resourceful boy I crawled up into the microwave cart and had me a quick cat nap:

Another shot at the new table:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally! First Day of School Photos

Another school year is finally here, Happy Fall!

Here goes Nathanael up the sidewalk heading to school *sniff*:

Crusing right along:

Yippee!! I'm here at preschool!! :

Lookin' sharp in me new duds!

Natty boy after school...all tuckered out:

Shannon, age 11, first day of school:

Amalie, age 7, First Day of School:

Gwen, age 13, First Day of School:

Timmy, age 5, First Day of School: