Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is the image of one very tired little man, recouperating from his very tireing weekend. Thursday night he starts screaming, wants Mama to pick him up, he wretches but doesn't actually "get sick". Later on, in bed, he manages the "deed" and gets very sick. He's weak, doesn't want to get out of bed for me to change it but I do, laying down a heavy blanket with layers of towels over it, hoping that future incidences will be caught by the easy-to-remove towels. Poor big sister Shannon, she's in the same room as him and she got enlisted to help hold Natty-boy while I clean up...many times. Well Nathanael is scared while sick so when he "got sick" he would fight not to face down, hence getting it all over himself, Mom was petrified of aspiration.
Friday was a snow day and he spent his whole "day off" being weak, unable to feed, feverish and sleepy. Mom tried to give him motrin but it'd come right back up. Mom was finally able to dropper-feed him water and pedialite. By late evening he was able to have about 1/2 a bottle of pediasure.
Saturday was much better. He smelled horribly of acetone and we just kept giving him the pedialite and he progressively got better. By Sunday he was almost his old self again and that evening, after his sweet pea scented bath, you would never know he was sick.
We have to go to school to get a reprieve from our weekend!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our lil man on the go!

On Monday, Dec 1st Mommy took Nathanael to see his orthopedist for a check-up on his SMO's (foot and ankle supports). Dr. Wilde couldn't believe how much Nathanael had changed since July. Boy has he ever! In July walking was not his main mode of transport, he still favored the commando crawl. Now he's not only walking with confidence but running, dancing and hopping! These little pieces of molded plastic have enabled Nathanael to grow and develop so well! He's getting more exercise thus is getting stronger and bigger. He is looking so much older now! School has helped too in that he has to keep up with his peers and he's doing so very well in school as well. Here's some pics of our lil man and yep, Mommy's proud:

Here's Nathanael drumming to the beat of the music of his heart:

Checking himself out in the BIG mirror:

Weeee! Look at him go!! :