Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Natty getting his groove on!

Hi Everybody! It's me! Nathanael! I'm almost 3!!!

Here I am saying "HI!" to Mom when she came home with the shopping!

Here I am just a cruising!!

Yep, can't stop me now!!

I'm finally getting used to having SMO's, they're ankle supports that help me learn how to walk better I me!

Hmmm...Mom's car... niiiice!!

Here's Gwen helping me motor up the hill!

thanks for visiting my neighborhood!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Please help!

I know not too many people come here but thought what the heck, if this even inspires ONE person then it's worth it. This Mummy again here taking over. Our friends in Iowa have been devasted in the wake of the record-breaking flooding there, if you could take the time and visit The Flege Farm blog ===>>>>listed on the side bar there, there's a fundraising activity going on, aimed at getting toys and books to the children who have lost everything in Iowa. Please visit her site and click on the links. Mama's crying too much here to make sense in her typing, just praying you'll have a look and if all you can do is say a prayer, that's worth more than gold right now. Thanks!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh my what trouble we can get into!

Take me to your leader:

One man's trashcan is another man's toy:

Where am I???

Hey Mom gets into this stuff all the time..why can't I??

Time to "help" with the laundry!

Here I am just being sweet, reading one of my books: