Friday, November 9, 2007

Say a little prayer for Grammie

Hi everyone, I mentioned before that my Grammie is very sick, well, things aren't going so good for her and I was hoping you'd say a little prayer for her. Last Saturday night her blood pressure was extremely low and blood oxygen sats were in the 60's when they should be over 96. She's been in the hospital ever since with unstable oxygen counts (it plumments when the high pressure mask is off) and her carbon dioxide is building up. Grammie is very optimistic that she'll get better enough to go back to the Nursing home. I sure hope so. She's gotten a bit better, can now get up and sit in a chair and walk with a walker a little bit. That's a lot better than being bed-ridden.

My Mummy is very sad and worried sick so I just keep smiling and being my sweet self. Thanks for listening!

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