Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Natty getting his groove on!

Hi Everybody! It's me! Nathanael! I'm almost 3!!!

Here I am saying "HI!" to Mom when she came home with the shopping!

Here I am just a cruising!!

Yep, can't stop me now!!

I'm finally getting used to having SMO's, they're ankle supports that help me learn how to walk better I me!

Hmmm...Mom's car... niiiice!!

Here's Gwen helping me motor up the hill!

thanks for visiting my neighborhood!!!


amy flege said...

yeah natty boy!! you are doing so great and so cute!!!!! tell your mommy thanks for posting about the flood help.. unfortunately, no one has offered to help out :(

TerriSamsmommy said...

Look at you go...can't wait til Sam is up and moving like you. What a big boy you are.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of these?

There's a debate going on as to whether it's better for kids with Down's to see themselves represented or whether it perpetuates separation from peer groups and points out differences.

Anonymous said...