Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missing Mom and Dad

Kitty here, taking over Nathanael's blog space...just filled with melancholy and woe, missing my parents so much this time of year. The irony of it, you have great parents, excellant upbringing, sweet sweet memories and yet SO much pain after they go. I relished getting together with the whole family on Thanksgiving, walking in the door, smelling the fresh hommemade rolls baking, turky on the stove getting ready to carve. Mom cooked on an old Home Comfort wood stove. So, it was warm, smelled of wood fire and good food. Most of all, we all caught up on what's going on with each other. I'm glad we had that but missing it sorely. It's time for ME to be the Mom, time for ME to create the memories. *sigh* Time for my siblings to do the same. I have so much love for them. I am truly truly blessed. May God bless any readers I might get on this holiday whether you're here or another continent away. Bless you. Kitty
..and I'd attach photos if my NAS drive power supply didn't fry in a recent power's wehre all the photos etc are :-( ugh..some days modern technology gets the best of ya.


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