Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our lil man on the go!

On Monday, Dec 1st Mommy took Nathanael to see his orthopedist for a check-up on his SMO's (foot and ankle supports). Dr. Wilde couldn't believe how much Nathanael had changed since July. Boy has he ever! In July walking was not his main mode of transport, he still favored the commando crawl. Now he's not only walking with confidence but running, dancing and hopping! These little pieces of molded plastic have enabled Nathanael to grow and develop so well! He's getting more exercise thus is getting stronger and bigger. He is looking so much older now! School has helped too in that he has to keep up with his peers and he's doing so very well in school as well. Here's some pics of our lil man and yep, Mommy's proud:

Here's Nathanael drumming to the beat of the music of his heart:

Checking himself out in the BIG mirror:

Weeee! Look at him go!! :

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amy flege said...

woohoo!! way to go Natty~!~ you are sure getting to be a big boy!