Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to my neighborhood!

Hi! I'm Nathanael! I'm a special little boy in Vermont who just so happens to have something a little bit extra that not too many people do, I have an extra 21st chromosome in each of my itty bitty cells. Though that may not sound like much, it just adds to my personality, charm and who I am. Nathanael Joseph Aodha'n Blucher!

I was born in Burlington Vermont on 13 August 2005 joining a rather large family. There's Mom (that's her above), Dad, 3 half siblings on my Dad's side of the family Michael (in his 20's that lives in Australia), Samantha (in her 20's, married to Brian and they have a baby Owen, they live in Utah) and Benjamin, (almost 20 who lives in the UK). I have 3 other half siblings on my Mom's side names and ages as of 2005 Louis (11), Gwen (10) and Shannon (8). Then I have been blessed with two full siblings Amalie (4) and Timothy (2). They're all my brothers and sisters half or whole, it's all the same to me! My dad immigrated to the US from Australia so I am a little bit aussie too! :) One of my ancestors was Leibrecht Gerhardt von Blucher who led the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. He was made a prince of Wahlstadt and his wife Amalie is where my sister got her name.

Wow that's a lot for one little guy. I was born 6 lbs 3 oz, the smallest baby that mom's ever had. Her first 3 were all about 8 lbs, the next two were 10 lbs so I was a bit of a shocker. I also gave Mum and dad the dickens by not being able to keep warm and also trouble feeding so I got to stay at Hotel Fletcher Allen Healthcare for 11 days. Poor Dad was at his wits end but Mum secretly enjoyed having the remote to herself for 11 days (not to mention the maid service and the food). The doctors reluctantly let me go home but I managed to see my doctor every two days and it took a long time to even put on an ounce but once I got started I finally gained. I just used up all my milk on trying to keep warm. Lucky Mum got to hold me against her under a wool blanket in August yay!!! Poor Daddy couldn't use the air conditioner! hahahaa What a scene.



Shannon said...

Kitty, you got the remote! I didn't get the remote even in the hospital!

I love Nathanial's story! And what a great lineage!

amy flege said...

kitty, iam so excited to be able to come on here and keep updated on natty boy!!!! hugs!