Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet some more of my family!

Here I am, nearly 3 months old, Mummy called me "just her "widdle fing", this is the carseat I had to sleep in for 9 months due to not being able to breathe well if I were to lie in a bed. I was comfy and slept well so no worries mate!

Here's Amalie and our brother-in-law Brian, visiting from Utah in November 2005

Here I am, 2 months old at my Grammie Butler's 75th Birthday Party. Aren't I a tiny thing??

Our babysitter, God-send and most of all, our friend, Traci. She helped Daddy at home with my brothers and sisters while Mom was on sabbatical at club FAHC

Shannon Marie Mongeon, my sister :)

Louis Walter Mongeon, my brother :)

Gwendolyn Ellen Mongeon, my sister :)

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Tara Marie said...

Awe....look how little Nathanael was....and what a beautiful family he is blessed with.