Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday to.....

my Aunt Ellen!!!!! Ellen is my Mum's sister, she was born on 13 August 1960 in Barre, Vermont. She was tiny, Mum says she really had all odds stacked against her to live but live she did!! Here's a few of her holding me:

Today is also our friend William's 7th hirthday who we've gotten to know at our Trisomy 21 Online Community. Check out his Mom's blog here:

annnnd..... last but not least...... Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!
I am a big >>**2**<< years old today!!!

Thanks for having a peek!


Kei said...

Happy SECOND Birthday Nathanael!!!!! Hugs from your buddy William and family!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Angel Boy! I know you are so loved, and I also know you are SOOOO cute! :)
Nicole and Tarenne

Shannon said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathanael! Wow! Lots of birthdays around you lately! And your mom's sister looks just like her!