Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I Miss Home

This is Kitty, Nathanael's Mom hijacking the site again! Here is a pictoral tour of home, where I was born and raised..home being the fields, trees, everything that I loved so dearly. Proof as to why my heart continues to break on a daily basis. It was the best BEST place and I miss it every second.

Heading up the hill toward home:

Approaching the top of the hill:

Looking up Dutcher's Road toward Blue Wind Hill..this is the view we had looking out the NW windows of our livingroom:

Peering through "the common" looking at the house:

A Better View of the House (set to "secret agent man" music):

Another view of "the common" this is the central area that the 4 main houses went around and it's where many a day were spent playing, picking berries, crash landing after sliding down Dutcher's road...

Ye Olde Sugarhouse many many MANY sweet memories there!

Ryder's Field, where we picked wild asparagas, sat in the cool grass, loved life:

Last but not least, East Orange Church, no this isn't near our home but this was next to where Dad grew up, at the bottom of the hill where Mom grew up and they both rest in the graveyard behind it along with all my grandparents and other relatives. A breathtaking sight and a very very special place for me now as it's the only place where I can visit Mom and Dad :*(

Yes, melancholy, broken-hearted and having a time dealing with this great and true loss.


amy flege said...

beautiful pictures and memories you will always treasure!!

Pam said...

Beautiful pictures. It's hard to leave something that you love so dearly.


Becca said...

It looks so beautiful, Kitty. I love memories like that--you'll never forget.