Monday, July 2, 2007

I am getting bigger

Here are some moments from my life:

6 months old, Valentine's Day 2006

5 months old, sitting with my pretty sister Gwen

New Year's Day 2006, Christmas party at Grammies with my Mummy. She thinks I am so adorable and hey, I can't argue with my Mum!

Here I am, it's New Year's Day where we celebrated Christmas with Mom's whole family at my Grammie's house out in the country. This is my Aunt Ellen holding me and my two cousins Becky and Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Kitty i only found this site by accident as i had heard about young Nathanael by the grapevine over here.
As Simon and i had been friends before his new life over there with you and his new family.
It would be Nice to catch up with him online sometime and chat like we used to.
By the way does he still like baked potatoes cut in quarters and filled with cheese and meat and hot chilli.

Kitty said...

Oooo sounds wonderful!!! He does do something like that but has left most of the cooking up to me, I joke I'm either good at it or he's gotten lazy..he laughs and says "a bit of both mumma".

I'm trying to guess who this is but your name escapes me.

my email is if you'd like me to tell you Simon's email and other details. Regards!