Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A few "Mom-ism"s

My mom was brought up in a tiny little town of Corinth, VT. She went to a 2 room schoolhouse for 3 years, lived in a home that didn't have a bathroom until 1976 yes, the bicentenial year. She grew up bathing in a tub on the kitchen floor, just like this lil tyke:

with water heated in an old teakettle on the 4 foot long home comfort wood stove.

Life was uneventful, just a childhood of hard work, old fashioned values and oh yeah, a bit of fame every now and then.

Anyone out there remember Jefferson Starship? Remember "We built this city on Rock and Roll"

Yep, it was in my town:

OR do you recall the Tim Burton movie "Beetlejuice"?

Yep..my town...

Here's the hill the house was built on top of:

and the "Beetlejuice" house:

Mom grew up loving books and music. She went on to Johnson State College in Vermont and studied music for a while after studying for over 10 years with a Boston-based classical pianist.

The high point of college was singing with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and doing a solo in Carmina Burana, hitting notes only dogs could hear. Her folder mate was non other than Elisabeth Von Trapp...granddaughter of Maria von Trapp of "Sound of Music" fame.

Mom ended up studying MANY things, got an accounting degree and then got a bachelor of science in general studies because basically she loved too many things and wanted to become a librarian.

Mom ended up working 10 years at Johnson State College library and then another 5 years at St. Michael's College.


Shannon said...

I love hearing of your heritage. So what instruments do you play? I used to play Cello.

Miranda said...

How neat!! I would love to take a road trip to vermont. Of course we'd have to stop and visit, lol!!

I love Beetlejuice, one of my all time favorite movies!! Tim Burton is a genius!!

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