Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For my grammie

Hi everyone, my grammie Butler is a very special lady, she is my only grammie as my grandma Blucher died years before I was born as did Grandad Blucher. Papa Butler died just about a year before I was born. So, Grammie's all I have left and she's really sick. I went to see her recently at the nursing home she's in and most everything made her sad and cry except for me. I warmed her right up. Grammie has pulmonary fibrosis which means her lungs don't work which makes her heart not work and she also has a funny-sounding disease called Lewy Body Dementia. So top to bottom, Grammie doesn't feel good. In tribute to my Grammie, here's some pictures :)

Christmas 2004

Grammie talking to my cousin Sarah at Grammie's 75th birthday party 15 October 2005

Grammie again at her 75th birthday party

Grammie and Mom at the party

Having Lunch with Grammie, June 2006, I'm nearly 1 here!

That's it for now! Thanks for looking!! :)


Kirky aka Mrs Lyn Welsh-Kirk said...

Hey Nathanael.

Tis Kirky from the Pulmonary Fibrosis Yahoo Group which ya ma iz a member of.

I jus sent an email 2 ya ma sayin I'd like 2 crochet U some Rainbow coloured slippers plus a pair 4 her 2 in her fav colour/s.

Sendin lotsa kissses & (((((((hugs)))))))

amy flege said...

glad he got to go see her..... sorry this is happening to your mama...