Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Here's Mommy on her Sweet 16, 14 July 1979

Mummy, Daddy, Louis, Gwen and Shannon on Mummy and Daddy's Wedding Day 21 August 2000

Mummy rocking baby Timmy to sleep January 2003

Mummy 2004

Mummy and Me, 13 August 2005, awwww wasn't I sweet?? ;)

Mummy and Me again, 13 August 2005

Mummy and Me, Christmas with the whole Butler Family, 1 January 2006, I'm asking Mummy who that big hairy dude is and if we're related...

Yeah!! Yeah!! THAT guy! Is that Larry the Cable Guy's brother?? OHhhhh Mummy assures me it's her brother Walter, affectionately called "Jr" as my papa's name was also Walter.

Here we all are, Valentine's Day 2006

and Mummy looking back at me, in the car, June 2007

Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

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Yankee said...

Hi Kitty,
Happy belated birthday. Glad to have found your blog.