Monday, July 23, 2007

Our friend Parker in Utah

Hello everyone, if you look to the right --->>> you see a cute link that says "Praying for Parker". This is a link that will lead you to a site of a dear sweet boy who not only has trisomy 21, like me, but he is medically fragile and has so many needs. What this little friend goes through in a week is more than most of us endure in a lifetime. This sweet little boy has the dedication of a most loving and kind family, they work hard to provide for his every need, however, his needs exceed the limits of their insurance company and there's little to no stop gap help.

It seems with every ray of sunshine and hope for dear Parker, another cloud follows right up behind him. With tears of love and hope my Mummy is posting this, asking everyone to please click on this link below and consider helping this child who is so remarkable, sweet and wonderful. First of all, to read about his life you can visit . It's an incredible look into the very complicated life of a boy Heavenly Father saw fit to bless us all with. This boy has a dear purpose that I'm sure we're only beginning to understand. Mummy would love to be in his presence for she is sure it would be like communing with a select angel of the Lord. In his short lifetime he's had to endure so many things. To him just needing a feeding tube and an ostomy would be a walk in the park, it'd be sheer freedom to him I'm sure.

Parker is a testament to how our medical programs in this country are failing society. We can pour billions of dollars into fighting this war on terrorism BUT if someone is caught conspiring to commit acts of terrorism in this country, they are interned in jail with cable television, internet, nutritious food, fully stocked workout facilities, libraries, continuing education of course, full medical benefits. How corrupt is THAT? Does Parker have to plot to terrorize the country to get full med benefits for crying outloud? Mummy's angry because people like Parker and his family have to sell anything they can, hold benefit concerts, do anything humanly possible to provide what their son so desperately need. Yet families like this do not see his needs as a burden, oh no, they see them as necessities and they are honored to be his parents. They rejoice in the blessings he brings to them every day. But, they agonize at the lengths they have to go through just to provide what he needs to survive. Please, please take a minute and click on this link below. By donating to this most worthy cause, you could also win a prize! I mean it's win-win.

Mummy doesn't mean to get angry nor does she mean to cry, she is faithful and she believes in Parker and she believes that the Lord is holding him in his arms. She just believes it's a crime the lengths people have to go through to provide for their loved one's medical needs. They're not asking for the world, they are just asking for help for their son.

He's a beautiful boy, check it out!

Love for Parker

With great humility and gratitude we thank you.


melody is slurping life said...

Thank your mommy for what is quite possibly the most beautiful, heartfelt post I've read on Parker's behalf. Yeah, Parker's cute, but may I say you are certainly a cutie yourself. :)

Blessings to you and your family.

Tammy and Parker said...

Thank you so, so much Natty.