Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a summer of firsts!!

My first trip to the beach!

"and if you look to my right, you'll see North Beach"

Nathanael at his first Memorial Day Parade!

First wagon ride AND first surgery

First time to hang out poolside (giving Mummy's water bottle a kiss!)

First time in a swing

and again on the swings..

...phew I'm bushed!!! Time to dream about more fun!!

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Kirky aka Mrs Lyn Welsh-Kirk said...

Hey dude. U know I can't remember the last time I waz @ the beach,sometime in the late'80's early 90's. That's the only thing I miss livin out here in the bush... ho hum...

Update on the slippers. I've done all the squares 4 U'res. On the 3rd last round on ya ma's. Will start on ya grammies later this aftanoon.

BTW lookin @ the pic's of ya ma, she reminds me of someone. When it comes 2 me I'll let ya know.